The Bridges House

The home of New Hampshire’s governor, its people, and its history.

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In Addition To Monetary Donations, We Kindly Accept Donations of Services and Goods As Well

Your expertise and resources may be of help to The Bridges House. Consider donating time if you are unable to make a monetary donation.

We are proud to say that many necessary renovations to The Bridges House have been successfully completed. However, this historic home is still in need of funds to keep it operating to its full potential. In order to keep the space functional, we need help from donors of all kinds. While monetary donations are so appreciated, we understand that it may not be in everyone’s budget to give a cash gift. That’s why Friends of Bridges House is also very thankful to those who have donated other needed goods and/or services in recent years.

In the summer of 2017, The Bridges House received a new reverse osmosis drinking water system from Capital Well Clean Water Center. Because the house is used for many meetings, gatherings, and events, this wonderful gift was the first step for the green initiative we will be undertaking for the house and property in 2018. Having this drinking water system is so valuable in doing our part to help save the environment from the plastic water bottle crisis plaguing our planet in addition to saving money.

There are other goods and services that Friends of Bridges House hope to obtain. Currently, we are in need of time-period furniture to fill all of the rooms in The Bridges House. We would like an audio sound system installed on the first floor of the house to aid in tours, and meetings and to keep the space useful in a digital world. While the house is used as a meeting facility for government and business purposes, it also serves as an event venue for community members, non-profits, and other civic organizations. We want to ensure that this historic home remains functional so that it can continue to be used and enjoyed by a variety of visitors.

As with any historic property, maintenance is a big priority. In order to maintain the home, we need to stay on top of necessary updates, both major and minor. Even small maintenance tasks, such as cleaning, landscape maintenance, and snow removal, can become costly. We welcome any kind of donation that may ease these types of expenses.

Interested in donating goods or services? Please contact Rhonda Hensley in the Governor’s Office at (603) 271-2121.


The Bridge House
Informative video about the life of Senator Styles Bridges and the history of the Bridges House.
New Hampshire Chronicle
New Hampshire Chronicle

The house is listed on both the New Hampshire and National Register of Historic Places.

The photos displayed here represent the way that we hope The Bridges House can look with the help of our donors. The furniture featured in the pictures is, unfortunately, not the property of The Bridges House and was used only for the staging of these photos. We are graciously accepting donations of time-period furniture and historic artwork in order to get the interior of the home looking as elegant as these photographs suggest.


The Bridges House

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