The Bridges House

The home of New Hampshire’s governor, its people, and its history.

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The Bridges House Youth Sustainability Council in Collaboration With Project Green Schools

In 2018, the Friends of Bridges House announced The Bridges House Youth Sustainability Council (BHYSC) pilot program spearheaded by New Hampshire's First Lady Valerie Sununu in partnership with Project Green Schools. We are excited to head into our 2nd year of the program.

The Bridges House

What Is This Youth Sustainability Council All About?

New Hampshire's First Lady Valerie Sununu in partnership with Project Green Schools is reaching out and bringing together environmentally-conscious and "green-minded" middle and high school students from across the Granite State to participate in The Bridges House Youth Sustainability Council (BHYSC). Participants already came together for two meetings in 2018 (with many more to come!) at The Bridges House on 21 Mountain Road in Concord (the New Hampshire Governor's official residence and the "People's House" of New Hampshire.) They discussed ideas and issues they are experiencing which they want to change. The BHYSC in collaboration with the Friends of Bridge House sustainability team (and Project Green Schools) is an integral part of the planning for...

During EXPO events & Recognition Day Governor Sununu will recognize BHYSC students.

At these meetings, students shared ideas, concerns, and suggestions about what New Hampshire can do to promote sustainability within our state as well as at The Bridges House itself. WE STILL HAVE ROOM ON OUR YOUTH COUNCIL AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN US! If you are a student that cares about nature, your school, the environment, and have been looking for support to make a difference in these areas, as well as, in the state of New Hampshire, PLEASE CONTACT US! The BHYSC is a great way to connect like-minded green student leaders across New Hampshire.

Please Note: We encourage teachers/faculty/staff and community leaders to connect through this effort as well. 


Friends of Bridges House (FOBH) is the nonprofit organization charged with the care and community outreach for NH’s governor’s official residence. This unique location is perfect for nonpartisan gatherings of all kinds.

Project Green Schools (PGS) is a national recognition program for environmentally-focused students. Schools can apply to start a chapter in their schools to tap into the PGS support network for their sustainability and green initiatives.


First Lady Sununu; Robin Organ of Project Green Schools; wonderful NH students, administrators, educators, business leaders; and others will gather at The Bridges House to network and create a platform for access and resources in greening-up their schools and communities. The Youth Council will also serve as an auditing body to make sure The Bridges House is setting an impeccable example for sustainable events and home management. We believe that the path toward a greener and more sustainable future is through community-driven projects. We are excited to provide support and potential funding for these student initiatives because we know they will be our future leaders and entrepreneurs. We know they can impact peers, as well as their community. The Youth Council will have opportunities to discuss their concerns about the environment with the leaders of government and business in their state. Here, their voices are heard and have a platform to innovate change. 

If you have any questions about BHYSC or the Green EXPO, please email Rhonda Hensley at

The Bridges House

This Picture Was Taken At The 1st BHYSC Meeting.

The Bridges House

We Are So Very Thankful For The Strong Financial Support Of The Walmart Foundation In Funding
Our Sustainability Partnerships & Initiatives. We Couldn't Do This Without Their Help!

Contribute to The Bridges House and help preserve a piece of New Hampshire history

The house is listed on both the New Hampshire and National Register of Historic Places.

The photos displayed here represent the way that we hope The Bridges House can look with the help of our donors. The furniture featured in the pictures is, unfortunately, not the property of The Bridges House and was used only for the staging of these photos. We are graciously accepting donations of time-period furniture and historic artwork in order to get the interior of the home looking as elegant as these photographs suggest.


The Bridges House

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